The Skip Running burn comes off the hills above Jedburgh and flows in a culvert through the back of the hotel. There’s a grille over the entrance to the culvert and a flood detection system. This morning at 5am there was sustained torrential rain which washed a lot of debris into the burn blocking the grille and washing away the flood detection system.

This morning the view from the flat was like this…

At about 7.45 I noticed a brown muddy river heading down the high street…

By 8.15 it looked like this – (I’ll work out how to embed video soon!)

Jed flooding

Very little water came into the hotel thankfully and there was no damage, but other businesses nearby weren’t as lucky. There’s more heavy rain forecast for today. Meanwhile our ten Norwegian guests are insisting on their planned walk to Morebattle. Native walkers would either stay at home or get a taxi to the nearest pub!

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